Myth: Products are ineffective against this strain of Coronavirus and nothing can protect you.

Fact: “People are understandably concerned about the novel Coronavirus strain and keen to understand the steps they can take to best protect themselves. It is incorrect to claim that there is nothing that can be done in this regard as it’s reasonable to make assumptions based on previous experience.”

As this is a new strain of Coronavirus, no commercial products can yet be tested by any company for effectiveness against this new strain. That does not mean that they won’t be proved to be effective once companies are in a position to carry out the appropriate tests.  Until such tests are complete, the best we can do as individuals is to rely on proven best practice hygiene, taking prudent steps to mitigate risk based on the experience from previous Coronavirus strains and similar viruses. From that perspective, there are products that have demonstrated effectiveness against pathogens from the same family as the new virus, such as SARS and MERS. Based on the evidence available to us, and knowledge of the new virus we would anticipate the same measures and products to be effective against the new strain. Definitive scientific confirmation of effectiveness can only be provided once testing against Covid-19 has been conducted, following release of the strain by relevant health authorities.”

Source: Dr Bruce Charlesworth, Chief Medical Officer – Relief, Hygiene and Wellness, RB