Here you can find out what our experts think about a wide variety of subjects related to COVID-19, from the possibility of a vaccine to what you can do to slow down the spread of the virus

Dr Elizabeth Scott (Professor & Expert in Home & Community Hygiene, Simmons University, Boston)

Dr Elizabeth Scott explains ‘How can I prevent the spread of the virus in my home?’ and dives into the myth that ‘some foods, or home or herbal remedies will stop me catching the virus’.

Professor Syed Sattar (Emeritus Professor of Microbiology, University of Ottawa)

Professor Syed Sattar explains ‘why do these new viruses appear and cause infections in humans?’ and ‘is a vaccine available against the COVID-19 virus?’

Dr Lisa Ackerley (Chartered Environmental Health Practitioner and Hygiene Expert)

Dr. Lisa Ackerley explains ‘What should you do if someone at home is infected with novel coronavirus?’ and ‘What else can I do to help prevent the spread of novel coronavirus?’

Dr. Charles P. Gerba (Professor Epidemiology and Bio-statistics, University of Arizona, USA)

Dr. Charles P. Gerba expalins how people are most likely to pick up the COVID-19 virus?

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